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Dear Voorhees Resident:

There are many rewards programs that you can use for travel or groceries. But what if there were a rewards program that could reduce your property tax bill just for shopping at participating Voorhees businesses?

The Voorhees Economic Development Committee has been working for the past year on a great program and is proud to introduce the Shop Voorhees! Property Tax Reward Card! We are grateful to the Voorhees Township Committee for their ongoing support of our efforts.

This program allows a portion of your normal purchasing dollars, spent on goods and services in Voorhees, to be applied to your property tax bill, thereby reducing your taxes at the end of the tax year. This program has already been successful in other cities in North Jersey and we are the first community in South Jersey to offer this incredible program.

Here’s how it works: Shop at any participating Shop Voorhees! location. You will know who they are by the Live Voorhees, Shop Voorhees! logo in their window or by checking on-line at www.propertytaxcard.com or www.voorheesnj.com. When you check out, present your Shop Voorhees! ! Property Tax Reward Program! Card. The retailer will swipe your card and a percentage of your purchase will be applied to reduce your property tax bill. Each business will independently establish the percentage of your purchase that will be applied toward your taxes. It’s that easy!

You must register your enclosed Shop Voorhees! card to have your benefits applied. You can sign up at www.propertytaxcard.com or www.voorheesnj.com. Have your Shop Voorhees! card as well as your property Block and Lot number handy. This is how your shopping benefits will be recognized to be credited. If you reside in an apartment, your address will be the recognizing factor for receiving a check at the end of the tax year. Everyone can participate as long as you sign up with your card and you live in Voorhees!

This program would not be possible without our program sponsor and community partner, Republic Bank. We look forward to seeing Republic Bank’s new Voorhees building and branch coming soon on the corner of Laurel Oak Road and White Horse Road.

This program is being facilitated by Fincredit, who can be reached at (732) 946 - 0919 for more information. Also, our Office of Economic Development is always ready to help or answer any questions.

Save money while helping our community businesses thrive!

Live Voorhees, Shop Voorhees! Today!


Harry A. Platt
Deputy Mayor
Liaison – Economic Development Committee

Michael R. Mignogna