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mayor In an ongoing effort to keep our community safe, the Voorhees Township Police Department will be introducing the DNA Home Asset Marking Program. It is a collaboration with the Camden County Police Chiefs Association and Applied DNA Sciences. The program enhances home security. A single container of plant DNA materials provided by the company contains an indelible and invisible liquid that is specific to each owner. Residents and homeowners mark their valuables and vehicles with this fluorescing liquid that is easily identifiable by law enforcement under an ultra violet (UV) light. Once applied, the liquid is nearly impossible to remove.

If any of the marked items are stolen and recovered, police can identify the property as stolen, link the criminals to the crime scene and ensure that stolen property is returned to its rightful owner. Homeowners receive warning decals to use on windows, doors and vehicles to enhance the deterrent value of the DNA Home Asset Marking Program.

The DNAnet Home Asset Marking Program provides a simple and cost-effective way for residents to deter crime and protect property as well as providing law enforcement the ability to identify the rightful owners of lost or stolen property.

The cost of the program is approximately $70 for plant DNA that will mark approximately 100 items. Any residents interested in the program can contact Voorhees Police Investigator Scappichio at (856) 882¬1107 or at bscappichio@vtpd.com.

Keeping our homes safe is a partnership between the police and our residents.

** The second show in our Summer Twilight Series will be on Thursday, July 16 (rain date July 23) and will feature Evolution: A Tribute to Journey. This performance will re-create the history and hit songs of the legendary band. The show is free and starts at 7:30 p.m. at Connolly Park.

** From July 20 through July 25, the Voorhees Police Department will hold their 2nd Annual Junior Police Academy. The program teaches our young people from the ages of 12 to 16 to appreciate and respect the duties and life of a police officer. Interested parents and applicants can contact Lt. Dennis Ober at (856) 882-1110 (dober@vtpd.com). Applications and forms for the Junior Police Academy can be found at http://vtpd.com/bureauofcommunity-affairs/. Applications must be submitted by July 1 to be considered.

** Voorhees Township if offering discounted tickets to Morey’s Piers in Wildwood. Tickets are available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office at Voorhees Town Hall. Prices vary according to the type of ticket and several options are available to residents and non-residents. For more information about tickets visit www.voorheesnj.com.