Electronic Waste
Electronic Recycling Regulations


Beginning January 1, 2011, the Electronic Waste Management Act banned the disposal of televisions and all personal or portable computers (including desktop, notebook and lap top computers, as well as, computer monitors) in the regular household waste collection.

The act requires manufacturers of these devices to establish and finance a free system for collecting and recycling this waste, known as electronic waste or e-waste. This law does not cover your cell phones, DVD players, VCRs, game consoles or electronic devices such as those TVs or radios found in automobiles. These items can still be placed in with your household trash collection or dropped off at Camden County electronic waste collection sites. Businesses that sell electronic devices also collect these items.

For your convenience, Camden County will hold electronic waste collections four (4) times in 2014. Information on the electronic items they accept, collection dates and locations may be found at Camden County Waste Collections; by calling Camden County at 856-858-5241; on the Voorhees Township website under "Public Works" at www.voorheesnj.com; and on channel 19 for Comcast customers and channel 38 for Verizon customers.

For additional information regarding disposal of electronic equipment, site users may view the links below. These are links to the websites of outside agencies that provide
information about recycling various types of electronics.

Voorhees Township is providing this information as a convenience to our residents only. Voorhees Township is in no way connoting endorsement of the respective companies or their services.



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