Bulk Trash Collection
For Residents With Automated Trash Collection

Automated Trash Collection is trash picked up by the automated trucks using the mechanical arm. Residents with this type of collection service utilize the BLUE TRASH CARTS.

Bulk pickup for residents with automated trash collection takes place during the 3rd full week of every month on your scheduled trash day. (The first full week of the month is the week that includes a Monday)

Bulk items consist of household items that do not fit in your blue cart, such as furniture, mattresses, carpet, and excess trash, etc.

Bulk trash CANNOT contain hazardous materials, construction, remodeling debris or electronics.

Bulk Trash Dates For 2014

Bulk trash will be picked up on the 3RD FULL WEEK OF EVERY MONTH ON YOUR SCHEDULED TRASH DAY. (The first full week is the week that includes a Monday) Bulk items consist of furniture, mattresses, carpet, excess trash etc., BUT NOT hazardous material, construction and/or remodeling debris.

2014 DATES:
April 22 - 25
August 19 - 22
November 18 - 21
May 20 - 23
September 16 - 19
December 16 - 19
June 17 - 20
October 21  24
July 22 - 25
November 18 - 21


** You do not need to wait for bulk trash day to put out your metal/white goods (appliances).

Once the items are at the curbline call 856-428-5499 for a scheduled pick-up. **
Voorhees, New Jersey
2400 Voorhees Town Center
Voorhees, NJ 08043
Phone: (856) 429 - 7174
Fax: (856) 429 - 3766
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